Discord’s Top Auto-Moderation Bots

Thanks to the sheer amount of people coming in and out of our communities, moderation on Discord covers an extremely wide variety of tasks in the day-to-day. Thanks to a strong development community, however, our jobs have become much easier. Auto-moderation technology has been evolving over the past years to handle issues like word blacklisting, spam detection, raid detection & prevention, and more.

The team at Dmod, along with the help of PoundsCoin, has reviewed and chosen a curated selection of auto-moderation bots for you to use to protect your servers.

  1. Zeppelinhttps://zeppelin.gg/
    Zepplin is the preferred choice for most large communities on Discord, largely due to its unmatched customizability. Community staff members have private access to server configs, allowing tailor-made features and functions. While Zeppelin does require a steep learning curve for some, it’s well worth it once you master the bot’s ins and outs.
  2. Beemohttps://beemo.gg/
    Beemo is an anti-raid Discord bot that allows you to equip your server with a powerful antibot algorithm that operates in the background to stop user bot raids against your server. Unlike Zeppelin, Beemo requires absolutely no setup which makes it extremely convenient. This bot is an absolute must-have for keeping your community safe.
  3. Gaius Cicereiushttps://docs.gaiusbot.me/
    Gaius is more of a modern bot, boasting a wide variety of auto-moderation capabilities. This bot is truly a leading force in moderation technology on Discord, offering features such as “SmartPrune”, highly customizable anti-spam, a panic mode, and much more.
  4. Crosslink https://panleyent.com/crosslink/
    Crosslink is a smart link scanning & detection bot using a reputation system to make link filtering convenient for moderators and community managers.
  5. Wick https://wick.com
    While Wick is controversial within the moderation community due to its significantly pay-walled feature set and varied reliability, it’s worth noting that if you’re looking for a bot with an easy-to-use web dashboard and all the basic auto-moderation / “smart” features you’ll need, Wick is a viable option. Verification gates, spam detection, raid detection & lockdowns, and more are all available using Wick.
  6. Bonus Tiphttps://top.gg
    Want to explore some more of your options? Visit Top.gg’s bot listing website and search around for more auto-moderation bots. If you don’t find something satisfactory on this list or on Top.gg, maybe you should get going on the next big auto-mod bot on Discord!

A quick reminder for those of you who have reached the end of this list. Auto-moderation bots can be extremely powerful for filtering moderator workloads in Discord communities. Just keep in mind that you should always maintain a level of caution around the reliability and coverage of these bots. A bot by its very nature will experience downtime, bugs, and complete oversights. ’Tis the life of a content moderation bot. Replacing human moderators and server admins with even the smartest robot is never the best idea.

That being said, thanks for checking out our blog post! Huge thank you to Displace & Owners Hub for welcoming us onto dat.place, and we’ll catch you in the next one.


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